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We help customers develop end-to-end mobility solutions using open and cloud-based technologies

As employee work habits continue to shift, the demand for mobile solutions has quickly transitioned from “nice-to-have” to “must-have” status. This is particularly true in the enterprise space where users are more spread out and on-the-go than ever. To keep pace with the digital economy, users need to be able to access the system from anywhere – and in many cases, regardless of whether or not they’re connected to the Internet.

Delivering on these requirements in the enterprise space is no easy task. First and foremost, there are security concerns that must be addressed – from the dangers of remote access to the challenges of accessing critical data that’s locked up in ERP/business systems sitting behind the corporate firewall. Then, there’s the issue of supporting modern “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) models which require mobile devices to support a variety of mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Finally, there’s the question of cost – how do we deliver on solutions like this in an affordable and sustainable way?

To address these challenges (and others), we’ve developed a holistic mobile app development process based on open technologies such as Apache Cordova and cloud mobility platforms such as Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, and the Google Cloud Platform. This approach allows us to build “hybrid applications” on top of HTML5 so that we can achieve “write once, run anywhere” with our mobile application designs and free customers from having to worry about maintaining platform-specific apps for iOS, Android, etc.

If you’re interested in taking the next step your enterprise mobility journey, please give us a call today. We offer free consultations and would be happy to sit down and talk through the possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: When you build mobile apps for us, will we have to maintain multiple versions of the app to support different platforms?
  • Answer: No. Using Apache Cordova technology, we create one version of an app which can be deployed to many different platforms - all without requiring any proprietary knowledge such as Swift for iOS or Java for Android.
  • Question: What kind of infrastructure must be established to support these mobile apps?
  • Answer: With so many quality mobile platforms available in the cloud, we find that little to no changes are required to the on-premise landscape to support these solutions. Using on-premise connector technology, these platforms can securely connect to backend systems and provide a seamless experience to end users.
  • Question: Can we leverage pre-existing development resources to support these apps once they're live?
  • Answer: Absolutely. Using open technologies like HTML5 and Cordova avoids vendor lock-in and frees your developers from having to learn lots of proprietary technologies seen in other mobile platforms.
  • Question: What happens when the next version of iOS or Android comes out? Will our apps still work?
  • Answer: Definitely. As new platforms/features pop up, you're only a few plugins and a Cordova build away from being up and running on the latest and greatest devices.

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