Our Development Approach

Building quality software solutions requires a diverse set of skills: creativity, the ability to communicate, and of course, technical expertise. Recognizing this, we've built up a diverse team of some of the best software engineers around to offer a development experience that's truly unique. Our holistic approach to development is based on the following set of principles:

  • Agile Development Methodologies

    In practice, we find that most of the software projects we work on tend to end up in a different place from where we started. As we collaborate with our customers, both our vision of the product and, more importantly, their vision of the product changes over time. After all, when dealing with something so abstract, it can be difficult sometimes to know exactly what you want until you can see it with your own eyes.

    We employ the use of agile methodologies on our projects to manage change like this. Here, our goal is to increase the opportunities for receiving and incorporating user feedback. By breaking down projects into smaller, incremental phases called sprints, we can generate prototypes/incremental versions of the solution and let your users look at the solution as it evolves. This feedback is crucial for keeping the project on track and managing costs.

  • Superior Expertise & Experience

    At Bowdark, we believe very strongly in making sure that the people we hire reflect our standards for excellence. For us, it's about quality rather than quantity when it comes to building a team. We think this approach benefits our customers in several important ways:

    • Our developers frequently draw on their past experiences to quickly come up with solutions. These valuable time and cost savings are passed directly on to our customers.
    • When we deploy our developers on projects, they already have the technical skills they need to get the job done. No time is wasted with consultants learning on the job. Instead, the focus is where it needs to be - on solving your business problems.
    • The collective experience of our team allows us to produce predictable results. Our projects will be delivered on time and quality is assured.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Our team of expert software engineers is passionate about building software the right way. We believe that good quality software should be comprised of small, self-contained modules that can be used (and reused) reliably over time. By following industry best practices in areas such as object-oriented design and design patterns, we endeavor to build solutions that are adaptable. This is important because just about the only constant in the world of business software is change. By establishing healthy boundaries in our solution architectures, our customers are constantly amazed at how quickly our team is able to respond to changes.

  • Use of Open Source and Cloud Native Technologies

    Wherever possible, we try to make use of open source frameworks and cloud native technologies to build the foundation layers for our solutions rather than reinventing the wheel. This not only cuts down on costs up front, but also makes it easier to maintain/enhance the solution in the long run.