Systems Integration

These days, customers have more choices for purchasing software than ever before. Whenever you encounter a problem that requires a software solution, you can look around and there's a pretty good chance that "there's an app for that". Of course, while having so many choices is a great problem to have, it does present a challenge from an IT perspective: how do we get all these different apps to talk to one another?

If you're facing integration challenges like this, we'd love to help. We have experiencing integrating just about every type of system imaginable using open web technologies and commercial middleware products such as Mulesoft®. So, whether you have a traditional on-premise landscape, a cloud-based landscape, or a hybrid of both, we have the skills and experience necessary to achieve seamless integration.

Some examples of the types of integration scenarios we can help you with include:

  • Integration between SaaS solutions in the cloud
  • Integration between on-premise business suite systems such as SAP, Oracle and legacy/3rd-party systems
  • EDI based on industry standards such as RosettaNet, ebXML, etc.
  • Data migration to/from the cloud and on-premise landscapes
  • Synchronization of data from offline mobile apps and IoT scenarios

Case Study: GAINSystems, Inc.

GAINS (General Adaptive INventory System) is a supply chain optimization (SCO) software suite which allows customers to optimize their inventory management, demand planning/forecasting, and replenishment processes. As this functionality complements much of what SAP provides with their Business Suite, many of GAINS' customers want to have a solution which facilitates bi-directional data exchange between the two systems.

To satisfy these requirements, GAINSystems reached out to Bowdark to help design an integration solution which is flexible enough to support the various system configurations they see with their customers. Here, Bowdark was tasked with coming up with a middleware-agnostic solution architecture which provided the tools/resources customers would need to integrate their systems.

"Bowdark has lead GAINS' SAP integration process from its inception with SAP Labs' initial certification through multiple implementations. Their domain expertise has been integral in our 100% success rate across myriad environments several of them being large (millions of SKU/Location records), complex (Multi-echelon Manufacturing, Purchasing, & Distribution), or both. They are proactive, responsive, thorough, efficient, and high-ROI. In short, they have been the best 3rd-party partner with whom we have ever worked. I'd laud them further, but I want to ensure they reserve some capacity for our future work..."

- Bill Benton; CEO; GAINSystems